January 2023

Do you offer school, conservatory, university discounts?


Yes. We travel all over the country, offering group headshot sessions for schools, events and conferences. Since these are group sessions, we discount our standard rate by 30% for each student. We do, however, only offer a 45 min and 1-hour session with the option to upgrade to 2-hours closer to the day if spaces [...]

Do you offer school, conservatory, university discounts?2023-01-08T19:52:26+00:00

Do you offer friend group discounts?


Yes, there are 2 options: Same day bookings: come with your friend on the same day and you'll both get a 20% discount. We'll run the sessions back to back so that while one of you is getting changed or in makeup, I'll be photographing the other to maximize your time. If 3 people book [...]

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Is there a discount for returning customers?


Yes, we love it when our clients return to us for more headshots. We feel so honoured that you're trusting us again, as such, we offer a 20% discount off any package for life.

Is there a discount for returning customers?2023-01-08T19:28:44+00:00

July 2021

How do I purchase more edits?


The easiest way is to email me stating the total number of images you wish to purchase. I will then pro-rata the difference between what you've bought and the total that would be owing. Alternatively, when you're in the proofing gallery, top right is a cart icon where you can purchase additional sets of images, [...]

How do I purchase more edits?2022-07-01T22:17:34+00:00

Can I buy the RAW Files?


Yes, RAW (Canon CR2 or CR3) files and the associated full copyright assignments are available for $1,000 per file. To open/edit RAW files you will need a copy of Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, Capture One or a similar application and the necessary skills to edit and work on these files.

Can I buy the RAW Files?2022-07-01T22:12:18+00:00
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