Gareth Redfern-Shaw

Owner / Photographer

Gareth (he/him) is an Englishman, a father, a husband and a photographer. Read more about Gareth.

Titania Galliher Jackson


Titania (she/her) is a film and theatre actor, having received an MFA in Acting from the Actors Studio in New York City, and a BA from Amherst College. She was born in Northern California but considers home to be in Vermont, or Southern Germany or Andros Island (Bahamas) where she spent most of her life. In 2016, she co-founded a small production company, Secret6Train Productions, with Actors Studio Drama School colleague Melissa Mowry, for which she directs, writes, designs, and acts. Titania has a deep-seeded passion for the conservation of the ocean and water resources and spent several years working in the Bahamas training and educating new divers about the marine ecosystem. She lives in New York City with her adopted jellicle cat.

Kelly Teaford

Creative Assistant

Kelly Teaford (she/her) is a queer actor, producer, Program Manager of Poetic Theater Productions’ Veteran Voices Program, Development Officer at Infinite Variety Productions, and Co-Director of Programming at The Artist Co-op. Her New York City theater and film career has been thriving for eight years now. She maintains committed to creating, facilitating, and contributing to compassionate spaces where artists with different life experiences, identities, home-bases, ages, and viewpoints can come together and connect.

Recent acting credits include the independent Film/Theatre project Displeyst, The Greatest Pirate Story (N)ever Told at the Snapple Theater Center, The Resolute, Children of the April Rain, and St. Lucy of the Eyes (an adaptation of Richard III) at Wild Project.

Recent producing credits include Veteran Voices: Rites of Passage, Can We Talk?, In Their Footsteps, Etchings, The Faces Behind the Photos, Veteran Voices: Reckoning, Veteran Voices: Transformation, and Veteran Voices: Conscious Community as Ritual.

Lyra Redfern-Shaw

Sleeping Partner

Lyra is the gorgeous baby girl my wife Kat and I have been waiting a long time for. She maybe sleeping, but she’s certainly not a silent partner! Unless she falls asleep during a session or on my desk whilst I’m editing.