To be perfectly honest, this is a tough one. The ‘industry’ demands a lot of you as a model and comparatively little of me as your photographer. That said, my goal where modeling portraits are concerned, is that we meet somewhere in the middle.

I want to capture the unique things that make you, you. I certainly hope we see your eyes at their brightest, your skin at its best, your hair at its softest, because that is what the industry is usually asking of you. More important is that we capture what’s honestly you, your personality, your energy, the things that might escape the lens when you are in full fashion makeup and runway-ready. [Scroll to the bottom to read more…]

NYC Portrait Photographer

Ultimately, everything is dependent on where and how you want to use your photos, and the most important step here is our 45-minute pre-session consultation to discuss your goals and usage, as well as your clothing, preferred lighting, styling, backgrounds, anything and everything to get the most honest representation that you would like to give.

All of the aspects that I give actors for their sessions (consultation, time with my stylist, tethered real-time images on a large screen, collaboration, and Pinterest boards!) will be a part of your experience.

As a model photographer, my goal is to give you the most versatile set of images possible.

Two important tools that I’ve found in achieving this are multiple lighting setups and shooting tethered on an external monitor hooked up to a laptop so we can review each image instantly together during your session. In essence, it’s working with you as if they were real-time model comp cards.

In addition all of my sessions include a password-protected online gallery, in which you can view your images at any time, download them when it’s convenient for you, and, if there are things that need to be adjusted or changed on your photos (ahem, hair), you can do so straight through the system, even coming back later to request changes. Although for model portraits we suggest very minimal retouching.

All of this, and more is included in my standard package prices.