I’m not going to lie, I love finding new and exciting ways for people to get their acting fix. That’s why during our pre-session consultation we’ll talk about clothing, lighting (and other things), styling, and backgrounds, as well as what type of roles you want out your headshots? My job isn’t just making images – it also includes representing your best interest by creating actor headshots that represent who YOU are!

Collaborating with me is like having a friend in the business. I’m confident that you’ll love your images, so if for some reason they don’t meet your expectations or just aren’t what we had planned at all – no problem! There’s always another session free of charge (fame and frames not included). [Scroll to the bottom to read more…]

New York Actor Headshot Sessions

I’ll admit it, I’m an actor headshot snob. It’s the British in me. My new actor clients often tell me they don’t use their current headshots for 3 reasons:

  1. No consultation so they couldn’t choose what style of actor headshots will best represent them and their roles;
  2. They were unable to make any changes or adjustments during your session, usually due to not being shown any images;
  3. And lastly -they have absolutely NO input into how final products turn out!

Why would anyone do this when there are headshot photographers like myself who take pride in giving each individual client exactly what THEY WANT?!

  1. You’ll get a zoom consultation;
  2. I shoot tethered so you can see in real-time how your images look with real-time colour adjustments;
  3. It’s your session, these are your images, we will collaborate and decide together what’s best!

Are you looking for an experienced New York City based Actor Headshot Photographer?

If so, be sure to look for these three things:

  1. quality of work
  2. consultation process (if you want to know more, contact me and we’ll set up a free zoom consultation – it’s just 5-10 minutes of your time)
  3. and individual input (you tell me what YOU want).

I’m actor headshot photographer based in the South Bronx, NY. I make sure my clients get exactly what they need: great actor headshots that showcase their personality!

Contact me today to book an appointment or read about our process.