Mini Bio

An English Photographer in New York

Hi, I’m Gareth, born and bred in England, living in NYC. I started my professional photography career whilst working as a software project manager for such clients as Land Rover, Jaguar, and GIANT bikes. During this time I was the creative manager for the eCommerce photographer, overseeing the imagery for my clients’ online presence. I was fascinated and became hooked on the creative process of photography, so started working as his apprentice in my spare time.

After 2 years I started my own photography company focusing on people and events. I photographed the London 2012 Olympic Games, live concert magazine shots of artists such as Lily Allen, Duran Duran, Madness, and Young Farmers, festivals throughout the UK and various events across Europe. I was even a staff photographer for Silverstone Race Circuit working with F1 and Moto GP drivers alike, taking action and headshots for publications and websites.

I moved to NYC in 2018, spent 9 months searching for the perfect location and opened Redfern Studio in Mott Haven, South Bronx. Two months later, the COVID pandemic hit NYC and I went dark with the rest of the city. We re-opened in the Spring of 2021 with extensive precautions, with the renewed intent of helping artists bring New York City forward to greater glory.

What’s Gareth’s style like?

One Word : Collaborative

I’m a collaborative photographer, simply put, means I work with you to create amazing images. I don’t dictate the outcome unless you ask me to.

I have been teaching lighting to photography students for over 5 years, so I know how to create the perfect light for you. If you love a particular image, I can create our version with your spin on it, I will never copy an image. Maybe you want dark and moody shots, or bright and airy ones – whatever the desired emotion is, it’s my job to make sure everything in your photos looks amazing!

It’s Titania, my stylists’ job to help you pick the correct clothes from your wardrobe so you achieve your desired impression on the day. She has a unique understanding of what casting directors look for, and what actors need, being that she is a successful actor herself.

During our pre-session consultation, after you’ve completed our online questionnaire and created a pinterest board, we will answer all of your questions so you feel as prepared as possible for your session, so that when you walk into the studio, you know what looks you want to create, what clothes you’re going to wear and you’ll know that the images we create together are going to be amazing.

And above all, we WILL have fun! (Just ask Marcus! – Mr Zebra-Man)


I felt listened to, comfortable and mostly I felt understood!

To say I felt comfortable and supported during my headshot session is an understatement! Gareth and Titania were incredibly kind and warm. It was very easy to bring my best self forward and all the shots are Excellent! Can’t wait till I mature and need headshots again!!! I hadn’t done a headshot shoot since I… Read more “I felt listened to, comfortable and mostly I felt understood!”

Marcus Smith

The world was delivered on a silver platter

I simply expected the world, and it was delivered on a silver platter by the team. I had no reservations, but was hoping for the best, and excited to meet Gareth! During the session I felt relaxed, comfortable, and full of energy

Alisar Tabet

A friendly, supportive, and collaborative environment

Gareth was an absolute pleasure to work with! He hosts a friendly, supportive, and collaborative environment, which can be seen and felt in every photograph. Would highly recommend!

Rose Kanj

I’ll bring more Brazilian coffee, pinky promise

I can’t stress enough how much I recommend Gareth’s work. The whole experience, from the first meeting to receiving the final results, was flawless. Gareth is incredibly kind, talented and instantaneously makes you feel at ease. Titania was the best too, so nice and fun (and she might headbang to Ozzy along with you, which… Read more “I’ll bring more Brazilian coffee, pinky promise”

Ana Moreno

Gareth and Titania aren’t just people doing a shoot, they’re like FAMILY

Gareth is TOP NOTCH when it comes to professional headshots! His professionalism and warmth will have you feeling like the STAR you truly are! Seeing the results of our shoot I felt more comfortable and I see myself more on-screen and on TV than I ever did before.
I didn’t know what to expect… Read more “Gareth and Titania aren’t just people doing a shoot, they’re like FAMILY”

Skye Washington

I felt confident and motivated

Based on my before shoot consultation experience I expected professionalism, courtesy and good direction. What I got was a comfortable, accommodating session which left me feeling confident and motivated.

Claydona Dennie

I felt like a superstar!

Having met Gareth & Titania on facetime, I was expecting a relaxed vibe and some fabulous photos! I simply felt like a superstar, they made me feel that way.

Evie Freeman

I felt confident, and had a lot of fun

I felt confident, and had a lot of fun, what more can I say?

Deandra Bernardo

It was the best session ever

I just wanted to get a few usable pics for IMDB or a headshot for commercial/tv, instead, it ended up being the best session ever.

Ben Cherry

This is the first time I saw myself and the roles I would like to see myself in

Had a check-in convo with my manager Steven Buchsbaum who kindly stated (not in his words) that I need to level up on my headshots. It didn’t have that “glow” he noticed when he talked to me in person. I will tell you this, I have never loved my headshots.… Read more “This is the first time I saw myself and the roles I would like to see myself in”

Javana Mundy

Comfortable and at ease

Gareth made me feel comfortable and at ease during my session and helped alleviate my pre-session anxiety.

Yuri Hernandez

My expectations were high and Gareth delivered

After having had the conversation with Gareth the day before the shoot, my expectations were higher than the usual photo shoot. So during the session, I felt really comfortable and at ease with the whole process. I was able to see my photos being taken in real time on a large screen so I had… Read more “My expectations were high and Gareth delivered”

Starry Tiberio

I felt comfortable like I could be myself

I was truly expecting to only get one good look. However, I knew what I wanted and I just wanted to enjoy myself. Gareth and Titania made me felt comfortable like I could be myself.

Alicia Mitchell-Mangual

The session was fast, fun, and organized

I wanted to get 1 great headshot, what I received were dozens, plus the session was fast, fun, and organized.

Peter Waluk

Gareth and Titania are professional and talented

Before walking in, I expected to find a backdrop and lighting combo that complimented my look. And to get a few shots that I could potentially use for acting, and if we had time: for an editing job. I got so much more, it was Great! It was so much fun. Gareth and Titania are… Read more “Gareth and Titania are professional and talented”

Lillian Berger

A seamlessly amazing shoot

During the session, I felt educated, relaxed and beautiful. it was a seamlessly amazing shoot.

Alexandria Hodnik

Fun, friendly and welcoming to ideas and collaborations

Going into my session, I wanted to get excellent headshots that I can use for my submissions. During the session, it felt very good. Gareth and Titania was very fun, friendly and welcoming to ideas and collaborations

Familia Noyes

Gareth has an innate ability to pull out your true inner self

Gareth is a super professional photographer with the innate ability to pull out your true inner self! He is also adamant that the client feels satisfied with every aspect of the photoshoot. The way his studio is set up you can see the shots in real-time and my photo session was super comfortable with a… Read more “Gareth has an innate ability to pull out your true inner self”