Mini Bio

An English Photographer in New York

Hi, when I was born (well from about 4, truth be told), I realized that there were three things my life would be about: computers, acting and photography. When my dad brought home a broken computer and said fix this and I’ll buy you a new one, so I did. This made me feel more alive than anything else in the world had ever done before; he following through and actually bought me a new computer, which back in 1990 was exhorbitant and it ran Windows 3.0 plus he bought a copy of Photoshop. But then, my mother, Judith got me into acting, well dancing and singing mostly and my 10 year career as an actor started. Working alongside James Corden (The Late Late Show), Theo James (or Theo Taptiklis as we knew him, Divergent) and Laura Sadler (Holby City – the UKs version of ER).

Then one day while getting some headshots taken for work (and not realizing why people actually go there), something funny happened – instead of paying attention to what the photographer Clarke Smith-Stanley was telling me about posing, I was asking questions about lighting techniques and camera technologies! And so began my journey into understanding who I would become started.

The work of Lara Jade, Lyndsey Adler, Peter Lindbergh and Annie Leibovitz were a big inspiration for me as I delved into photography. They all have their own unique styles but there is still so much that they share in common; namely an exquisite eye when capturing human beauty through fashion or portraiture!

When I’m not exploring my own creativity, you can find me collaborating with other artists and designers to produce art that is more than just beautiful. My goal has always been about leaving an impact on the viewer by creating meaningful pieces of work in which they are engaged.

Redfern Studio in Mott Haven, South Bronx is a place for artists to create work in an environment that encourages creativity, exploration and experimentation. We offer classes on lighting as well photography techniques so you can learn how take great photos while also getting creative with your art!

The COVID pandemic hit New York City two months after I opened my own studio and we re-opened in the Spring of 2021 with extensive precautions, with the renewed intent of helping artists bring New York City forward to greater glory.

What’s Gareth’s style like?

One Word : Collaborative

I’m a collaborative photographer, simply put, means I work with you to create amazing images. I don’t dictate the outcome unless you ask me to.

I have been teaching lighting to photography students for over 5 years, so I know how to create the perfect light for you. If you love a particular image, I can create our version with your spin on it, I will never copy an image. Maybe you want dark and moody shots, or bright and airy ones – whatever the desired emotion is, it’s my job to make sure everything in your photos looks amazing!

During our pre-session consultation, after you’ve completed our online questionnaire and created a pinterest board, we will answer all of your questions so you feel as prepared as possible for your session, so that when you walk into the studio, you know what looks you want to create, what clothes you’re going to wear and you’ll know that the images we create together are going to be amazing.

And above all, we WILL have fun! (Just ask Marcus! – Mr Zebra-Man)


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