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Getting executive & actor headshots in New York is a big deal, the process is expensive and can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be!

Headshots by Gareth offers straightforward pricing packages based on session length, starting with 1-hour headshots and extending to 5-hour sessions for portraits, headshots, and 3/4 length shots. Each package includes a Zoom consultation, the collaborative session, all unedited images, and retouching. Our goal is to provide every client with exactly what they need to advance their career. [Scroll to the bottom to read more…]

New York City Photographer: Professional Headshots

The first step in getting your actor headshot taken is finding someone you trust to take it. Once you’ve found the right photographer, there are numerous decisions to make. What should you wear? How should you style your hair? Should you get your makeup done professionally or do it yourself at home?

Headshots by Gareth makes these decisions easy for actors and executives alike. As a New York photographer known for high-quality images and affordable rates, Gareth will guide you through the entire process. Together, we will create looks that best represent who you are as an actor or professional, ensuring that casting directors or potential clients see the real you.

Our collaborative approach includes personalized wardrobe suggestions, professional hair and makeup recommendations, and a relaxed, supportive environment during your session. Our goal is to capture the essence of your personality and skills, so you stand out in your industry.

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Executive headshots should be taken by a professional photographer with extensive experience in headshot photography. In the corporate world, first impressions are crucial, and a high-quality headshot can significantly impact how potential employers or clients perceive you. It’s essential to look your best and convey professionalism, confidence, and approachability.

Headshots by Gareth specializes in executive headshots that help you put your best foot forward. We understand the nuances of corporate imagery and know how to capture the qualities that will attract the right attention. Our process includes personalized consultations to discuss your goals and desired image, wardrobe guidance to ensure you look polished and professional, and expert lighting and composition techniques to highlight your best features.

We also offer professional hair and makeup services to ensure you are camera-ready, eliminating any stress about your appearance. Our sessions are designed to be efficient and comfortable, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – preparing for your interview, meeting, or presentation.

With Headshots by Gareth, you can be confident that your executive headshot will make a powerful statement. Let us help you create an image that stands out, exudes competence, and leaves a lasting impression on those looking to fill an open position. Focus on your career, and leave the photography to us.

Look no further than Headshots by Gareth. With years of experience and high-quality images, we will help you put your best foot forward and make a great first impression.  to !

is one the best actor headshot photographers in New York City. We provide headshots for,, and anyone who wants to look their best.

Look no further than Headshots by Gareth. With years of experience and a reputation for producing high-quality images, we are dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward and make a great first impression. Whether you’re an actors, executive, model, or anyone looking to look your best, we are here to meet your photography needs.

Gareth is one of the best headshot photographers in New York City, known for his ability to capture the true essence of his clients. Our services are tailored to each individual, ensuring that you receive a personalized experience that highlights your unique personality and style.

We offer comprehensive packages that include a Zoom consultation, wardrobe and styling advice, and professional hair and makeup options. During the session, Gareth will work closely with you to create a comfortable and relaxed environment, allowing your natural confidence and charisma to shine through.

Contact us today to book your appointment and see how Headshots by Gareth can help you make a lasting impression with stunning, high-quality headshots. Your success is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with images that you will be proud to showcase.

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