Do your NYC Executive Headshots & Portraits tell your current story?

Have you ever been to a networking event and found yourself wishing your headshots looked more like YOU? I get it. That’s why most of my new clients tell me they don’t use their current photos anymore, because:

  1. There were no consultations so what they shot didn’t represent who these people are in real life or how confident they feel with themselves lately;
  2. They couldn’t see the images during our session which means any posture and expression problems weren’t being addressed – talk about missing out on important feedback!
  3. And finally and lack of input. These are images of you, you know you so much better than I do!

Executives don’t have a whole lot of down-time. Schedules are hectic with back to back meetings, their time, after their expertise is their biggest commodity, I know, I used to be an IT and business consultant, that’s how I ended up living in NYC in the first place, a project with S&P brought me over, from the moment I landed my phone would hardly stop for texts, phone calls and emails. I can’t say that photographing executives is a lot less demanding but it certainly puts more smiles on faces.

In less than five minutes, your executives can be on their way with a new c-suite headshot. My background and lighting equipment, set up in your office or lobby area are all that’s needed for this process! If you’re looking at getting more done during business hours then why not give us some time – just 5 minutes (we do prefer up to 1/2 hour) per person would make my day as well as theirs since it takes so little effort for them to come down to us from their office.

Your career is already your top priority.
Make a lasting impression with your headshots too.


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