Yes. We travel all over the country, offering group headshot sessions for schools, events and conferences.

Since these are group sessions, we discount our standard rate by 30% for each student. We do, however, only offer a 45 min and 1-hour session with the option to upgrade to 2-hours closer to the day if spaces are still available on a first come first serve basis.

How does it work?
We will come to your site with a full studios worth of equipment to give your students the full experience. Once onsite we will photograph everyone over 1 to, say 5 days, it’s up to you how long and the number of students. We can effectively accommodate up to 8 in a single day with 2 breaks.

There are 2 options for covering our travel and accommodation costs:

  1. The organizers pay at cost
  2. The students pay at cost and it is split equally between the total number of students