Great actor headshots are…

  • Tailored just for you
  • Beautifully and subtly edited to show your best features
  • Created with the casting directors stance in mind
  • Reveals your personality
  • Depicts a relaxed, confident you
  • We will ask you who are you in this headshot?
    • Who is the casting director looking at?
    • What character are you portraying?
    • Why are you wearing these clothes?
  • Must be in Color (black and white is no longer acceptable)
  • Should NOT look like a Glamour Shot
    • You should look like your headshot in real life – certainly you on your best day, sure, but it look like you

Dressing for your Headshot

  • Stick with solid colors, and jewel and earth tones are always good. Heavy textures like wool, canvas, and linen are also great, as well as layers
  • Bring outfits for the types of character you want:
    • Lawyer, Doctor, Security Guard, Hippy
  • Wear a color that best brings out your features
  • Wear your hair like you will for live auditions
  • Minimal jewelry is acceptable for ladies. Small studs are fine – but big dangly earrings are not!