No, I’m unable to provide cropping for all images from a headshot photo session at no extra cost. Here’s why:

As a professional photographer, I’m committed to delivering high-quality images that capture your best moments. During a typical 30-minute mini session, I might take between 150 to 350 images. While this ensures a variety of shots to choose from, cropping each image individually requires significant additional time. To put it in perspective, even a quick crop of 10-30 seconds per image adds up to an extra 25 to 60 minutes of work.

In reality, most clients find that they prefer to use only about 20-30 of these images. This selection often comes down to avoiding duplicates, closed eyes, or expressions that aren’t quite perfect. Given these factors, it’s more efficient and economical to focus on the images you love the most.

Understanding that some images might need a bit of tweaking, I offer a cropping service at an affordable rate of $2 per image. This allows you to select the specific shots you want to be cropped without requiring a full edit. You might be surprised at how many images from the session you’ll find useful and want to keep!

This approach ensures that I can maintain the quality of my work and dedicate the right amount of attention to each image, while also providing a flexible and cost-effective option for you to customize your selection. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated, and I’m here to ensure you get the best results from your session!


All of that said, if you want up to 5 images cropped that do not need editing, I’ll very happily do those for you if you ask that the time you submit your edit selections because, I’ll be in your session exporting your images to send over to you and to send to my editor. If you ask at a latest date, I will have to charge you because, I’ll have to pull your session from my archive.