At the end of your session – all of your images are backed up to 3 locations (the good, the silly and the closed eyes)

We will:

  1. Cull your images
    • (cull means to remove)
    • Removing ‘bad’ images – closed eyes, blurry
    • Keeping – silly & fun ones – if that is what you want
  2. Crop your images
    • (crop means to remove unwanted areas from the image)
  3. Colour Grade all of the selects
    • (Grading means to improve the overall appearance of the image)
  4. Upload your images to a ‘proofing’ gallery
    • (Proofing is a process that allows you to select your favourite images for editing)
    • There are 3 types of proofing galleries, ALL galleries allow favourites to be selected and submitted
      1. Proof only – no download available
      2. Proof + Download – these images are for personal use only
      3. Download – you have purchased the full rights to all images

Once you send your favourite images back to us for editing, we will:

  1. Remove the crop & send the full resolution file to our retoucher
    • Removing the crop allows for different crops after retouching
  2. In-house quality control – send back if needed
    • Mistakes happen, and it’s usually something very minor like stray hairs that were missed
  3. Upload to our Sign-off system (called “Design Proofs”)
    • You will be sent the UNCROPPED version for sign off, I can reupload the cropped version if requested
    • Within this system, you can EITHER
      1. Sign-off on all images OR
      2. Request additional edits
    • If you request an edit we will repeat steps 1-3
  4. Once you have signed off, we will upload the full resolution JPG @ 5,120px, 300dpi, 100% quality to another ‘proofing’ download gallery on their own, often in various different crops
    • please ask if you’d like a different crop
    • please ask if you’d like a full-resolution TIFF
      • (only available for edited images and full gallery purchases)