The Big Birthday Bonus Prize (BBBP) Results

40 Headshot Sessions for $40, to celebrate my 40th Birthday

and a Big Birthday Bonus prize results are in…

Marcus Zebra - NYC Dancer Headshots - Headshots by Gareth 3

1st Place

Ben Cherry - NYC Actor Headshots by Gareth

2nd Place

3rd Place

Big Birthday Bonus Prize details:

  • Eligible participants: 40for40 winners, individuals who completed a headshot session with Headshots By Gareth or Gareth Shaw Photography by Saturday, July 3rd 2021
  • 1 (one) headshot per participant
  • BBBP is open to US Citizens
  • BBBP may be open to Non-US Citizen
    • Participants accept full responsibility for ensuring eligibility according to their home countries laws and tax regulations
    • Participants agree to indemnify Headshots by Gareth and Gareth Shaw Photography concerning local or home country tax appraisals
  • How to win:
    • All headshots will be scheduled to be uploaded to Instagram at the same time on the same day
    • All participants will be notified by email of the date and time of the upload date at least 24-hrs before the upload to Instagram
    • The participants will then have 7 days to get as many likes on their headshot on @headshotsbygareth as they can
    • On the 7th day after the upload, at 8 pm the total number of likes per photo will be screengrabbed, counted and announced
    • The photo with the most likes will win the Big Birthday Bonus Prize
    • In the event of a draw:
      • a further 24 hours will be added for the top drawing images
      • the total number of likes per photo will be screengrabbed, counted and announced
    • In the event of a second draw:
      • the winner will be selected by a panel appointed by Gareth Redfern-Shaw based on the panels’ favourite comment(s)
  • Prize includes:
    • 4-hr Portrait, Lifestyle, or Branding session in my Bronx Studio
    • Professional Hair and Makeup Artist chosen from photographer-approved artists
    • As many looks as you would like (time-dependent)
    • 1-hr phone call/FaceTime consultation including shared Pinterest mood/inspiration board
    • 5 x Professionally Retouched Images
    • Unlimited usage rights to all Unedited Images provided to the winner
    • 1 x 16×20″ Metal or Framed Wall Art Print
  • All decisions are final and may not be contested

Terms and Conditions may be changed at the sole discretion of Gareth Redfern-Shaw and his associates, all participants will be notified of the changes and may choose to continue participating.