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January 2023

Do you have a Headshot Referral Program?


Yes indeed. If you refer someone before your session, you'll be offered: $100 off your session or 5 additional edits or $50 off and 2 edits If you refer someone after, you'll get the same options, however, the discount will apply to your next session.

Do you have a Headshot Referral Program?2023-01-08T19:26:40+00:00

July 2022

Do I get all of the images from my session?


Yes, with a caveat. We cull the images which essentially means removing the bad and duplicate images, our aim is to not overwhelming you. As such, we get rid of the following types of images: duplicates 'bad' images, i.e. where: your eyes are closed you're blinking an unflattering expression the image is blurry under or [...]

Do I get all of the images from my session?2022-07-01T22:11:03+00:00

July 2021

How do I purchase more edits?


The easiest way is to email me stating the total number of images you wish to purchase. I will then pro-rata the difference between what you've bought and the total that would be owing. Alternatively, when you're in the proofing gallery, top right is a cart icon where you can purchase additional sets of images, [...]

How do I purchase more edits?2022-07-01T22:17:34+00:00

How do I select my favourites for editing?


We have 2 ways to do this: 1: Please use this option if you can easily narrow your selection down to number of edits you wish to have I create you a proofing gallery, with say 150 images in 7 folders You select your favourites from the proofing gallery You submit your favourites back to [...]

How do I select my favourites for editing?2022-07-01T22:12:00+00:00

What are “Proofs”?


Photo proofs are lightly edited or only colour corrected images uploaded to a gallery. They are not the final creative product and may require further editing. Photo proofs simply provide you a good sense of what the images look like before final retouching. Proofs are typically uploaded and delivered to the client within a week [...]

What are “Proofs”?2022-07-01T22:12:12+00:00

Can I buy the RAW Files?


Yes, RAW (Canon CR2 or CR3) files and the associated full copyright assignments are available for $1,000 per file. To open/edit RAW files you will need a copy of Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, Capture One or a similar application and the necessary skills to edit and work on these files.

Can I buy the RAW Files?2022-07-01T22:12:18+00:00

What edits are available with the editing fee?


When purchasing an image for editing the following options are included in the price: Removal of facial shine Stray hairs Skin blemishes Braces removal Whitening of teeth and eyes Glass glare removal Extend solid background (includes gradients) Solid background replacement The following cost extra: Head swap (between photos) Open / close eyes ( swap eyes [...]

What edits are available with the editing fee?2022-07-01T22:16:57+00:00

What is edited by default?


After you select 1 or more images for editing, these are the notes my retoucher uses: SETS OF IMAGES - (i.e. set = same outfit AND same background) Even skin and background tones across all images in the set SKIN (face and body) Add very slight saturation Light natural skin smoothing - retain pores, wrinkles, [...]

What is edited by default?2022-07-01T22:17:03+00:00

Example edits that you can request


This is NOT an exhaustive list, if you're unsure, just ask, almost anything is possible. Some options may be chargable. Different colour grading Enhance or lessen iris eye colour Remove more stray hairs (outside hairline/head) Remove more Criss-cross hairs (within hair) Remove hairs across face or clothing Lighten or darken hair Remove pimples Smooth background [...]

Example edits that you can request2022-07-01T22:17:08+00:00

What is our editing process?


At the end of your session - all of your images are backed up to 3 locations (the good, the silly and the closed eyes) We will: Cull your images (cull means to remove) Removing 'bad' images - closed eyes, blurry Keeping - silly & fun ones - if that is what you want Crop [...]

What is our editing process?2022-07-01T22:17:24+00:00
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