January 2023

What are Branding shots?


Portrait or Branding looks are anything that isn't a traditional headshot. This could be non-headshot portraits, dance, editorial, modeling, fitness, workout, etc. Anything that helps you market yourself for your website, instagram, facebook, IMDB or Actors Access. Maybe it's that outfit you've always wanted to be photographed, or you with balloons or glitter. We have [...]

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July 2022

How many outfits can I wear during my session?


We suggest that in 1 hour we can comfortably photograph 2-3 full outfit changes with lighting changes. If, however, you wanted the same lighting setup for all images, which has been requested, then 5, 6 or even 7 could be possible. Please note, and this is really important, we will never rush to photography 6 [...]

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What is an Outfit?


This might seem like a simple question, however, because we don't restrict the number of outfits you can wear, even during a mini session*, and if you're layering we can create a huge number of outfits from only 6 or 8 items, so it's worth clarifying. If you brought: (and I'm purposefully selecting clothing items [...]

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